Grants and Funds

Grants and Funds 


LASBA Support Fund

Church Planting/Church Revitalization Ministry Support Fund & Church Planter/Pastor/ Minister Support Fund (Guideline & Application here)


LASBA COVID-19 Pastor Relief Grant

This fund is for Pastors of LASBA Active churches. Please read the guideline and submit your application with documents to OFFICE@LASBA.ORG 


CSBC Evangelism Funds

This fund is for evangelism and expenses for an event or project directly related toward reaching people for Christ. Make sure your church submit ACP! 



SoCal Baptist Ministries Grants

Please submit the application by online. SoCal Baptist Ministries provides one time grants for short term ministry and mission projects and purposes to churches that are in active cooperation with CSBC and churches and agencies affiliated with them. Grants are limited to 2 per church per year. UPDATE! SoCal Baptist Ministries is no longer accept applications by mail. All applicants must submit through online.