Job/Needs/Pulpit Supply Board


Job Board

Los Angeles City Baptist Church is seeking a pastor.

Address: 709 S. Spence St. Los Angeles, CA 90023

Please contact Moses Villalobos (323) 420-6678 for details.


Gateway Seminary is seeking 2 staff positions; Administrative Assistant - Chinese-English Bilingual Program (CEB) and  
Course Design Assistant. 

Go to for more details.



Church Space Available

Size: Approximate size of 2,000 SF

Location: The corner of 6th street and Kenmore avenue in Koreatown

Available: Sunday evenings and weekdays

All equipped, move in condition. Good size for starting church with up to 50 people.
Rent ranges from $600.00

For more information, please contact Joshua at (213)268-1503



Ministers Available for Pulpit Supply 


  • Dr. Anthony Ahaeve 559-281-6020 / 949-768-5836 
  • Dr. Matthew Lee Smith 559-329-0016 


Ministers Available for Pastoral Position


  • Dr. Anthony Ahaeve 559-281-6020 / 949-768-5836 (Available for Interim Pastor Position)
  • Dr. Matthew Lee Smith 559-329-0016 (Available for Senior Pastor Position, also available for Interim Pastor Position)