Grants and Funds


LASBA Grant for "Breaking the 200 Barrier" Training

Coupon code for 200 Barrier: LA200sbc

Bonus coupon code for Strategic Leadership: LAleadbonus

Order the course now here:

Submit your receipt: OFFICE@LASBA.ORG


Your initial cost will be $197 and LASBA will reimburse your church $100 if you are one of the first 20 churches to email your receipt to - if you are not sure about purchasing until you know you'd be one of the first 20 you can contact the LASBA office.

If more churches than 20 sign up and the grant runs out, the coupon will stay open so they can buy for $197 through the end of the year. Webpage for 200 barrier is

As an added bonus, they're giving a separate coupon for Ed's new Strategic Leadership course for $200 off. Your cost would be $197.

Webpage: https://edstetzer. com/strategic-leadership- course. It may be helpful since some churches might not be interested in the other course or over 200 in attendance. 


LASBA Church Planting-Church Revitalization Ministry Support Fund

Please read the Guidelines and fill out the application. Fund for Church Planting and/or Church Revitalization Ministry Expenses.



NAMB Evangelism Funds

The NAMB funds are for evangelism and expenses for an event or project directly related toward reaching people for Christ



CSBC Building Grant

Due to an overwhelming response to the Building Grant there has been a moratorium placed on this grant.  CSBC will notify when this has opened up again.

Grants are provided only to churches based on availability of funds and priority. Church must provide information regarding the project to include only the cost of material. Labor costs are not eligible for grant funds; projects to be considered are primarily cosmetic repairs. Appliances, PA systems, electronic equipment, software and furniture are excluded. Church must be giving to Cooperative Program and provide a current ACP. Submit the completed application and supporting attachments to or Fax 559-299-2824 Attn: CSG.


SoCal Baptist Ministries Grants

Please read the Guidelines and fill out the application. SoCal Baptist Ministries provides one time grants for short term ministry and mission projects and purposes to churches that are in active cooperation with CSBC and churches and agencies affiliated with them.



The Christmas Code Booklet (pick up only)

Christmas Daily Devotions

Grow close to the Lord this Advent season with 25 insightful and meaningful devotions from The Christmas Code by bestselling author O. S. Hawkins. Trace the birth of Jesus from its roots in the Old Testament to the ultimate gift of God: salvation. This devotional will be the perfect way to keep daily focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

Contact LASBA Office to let us know how many copies you want for your church.